Marine squads fight with alien grunt

wow what did you do to the coloring

oh wow ugh that’s so bad. the coloring just looks like something took a bleach-doused dump on the picture

and the zoom where is it the weapon is all fish-eyed with messed up scaled fov oh oh god

it’s like watching a hand cam video through your chest

Yeah the bleach filter is absoloutely horrific, It looks like the guy is viewing through white cloth.

Hands are WAY too far out, and the bumpmapping on that left pillar is terrible, cover it up or something.

just a tip
marine MCCUUs dont have velcro

Aliens! Cool.

The Tacticoolness, its ruining my eyes :gonk:
What happened to the good old days of the Awesome non tacticool M14.

DAMN, I thought that Ceph was a model…
Danm, 'yar good!



All those attachments seem really unnecessary in that situation and the effects look like you ripped them from a comic book.

The fisheye is terrible, the posing looks pretty bad, the angle is horrific, the composition is no better.

The only good thing is that the picture isn’t brown-overlayed to hell and back - instead it’s so bloomy it makes my eyes hurt to look at the lighter coloured areas.

I was actually expecting the Human Error Grunt model.

Copypasting that… thing from elsewhere just seems damn lazy.

i loved this movie and this pic

crysis 2 - worlds greatest movie

Why are they looking through a window in the middle of a street?

The perspective looks really fucked up.

Where the hell did you get those soldiers.

Pretty cool man!