Marine training exercise in Alaska

blah generic
Testing the artic MARPAT skin I made.
These are gonna become COD4 skins

what do you think of the skin guys

Hell is up with the right guys leg?

side stepping.

the guy on the right has a huge arm and is holding up that guys gun for him. he also has a left hand.

from what i can see

Study the pic for 10 seconds, and then you’ll laugh at how much you just failed typing that.

The gun has no magazine.

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Wait, nevermind, it was just to test the skin.

Plus it’s a training exercise.

fat marines
non-existant camo
marines don’t use OD gear, only coyote brown

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did i mention those models had fucked up shading and bumpmaps

failville population: you

They are issued OD ALICE gear when in winter ops and said winter MARPAT
BUT since there are no good ALICE gear models. Or they don’t get gear at all.

Here is what I used for my reference.

side stepping while giving instructions in a fire lane. yep, makes sense.

a more plausible explanation. it’s a call of duty model. the legs are inherently deformed.

I dunno squat about USMC gear, but the stuff hanging off their backs is quite clearly brown in that picture, maybe even coyote brown, with woodland dpm satchel things and woodland marpat helmet covers… which is pretty different from what your skin shows.

Or they don’t wear helmets <_>
I guess I need to stop arguing about colors seeing as I don’t see green/brown as well as others

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A fire lane without loaded weapons <_>

I dislike CoD models also but why do I ALWAYS seem to see you posting about them? (how they suck, their proportions)

Because they objectively suck and their proportions are wrong, and have consistently been so in every single game in the entire series?

Unless it’s absolutely basic weapons training (as in first-time instruction in handling drills), I doubt they would leave weapons magless.

As for the skin, it’s a simple copy-paste job. You slapped the pattern on there at 100% opacity from what I can tell, obliterating important details like seams, stitches, pockets and so on in the process, and it also makes it look like some magical unobtanium suit which actively repels anything that could work to make it dirty. In light of the fact it’s a two-minute recolour (gear) and copy-paste (cams), I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s pretty bad.

thats alice gear, not those unknown plate carriers they use in CoD4 (WHICH ARE IN COYOTE BROWN HOLY SHIT, LIKE ALL OF THE MARINE’S VESTS)
Your camo pattern is off


IIT: Srs fucking army buisness.

marine business*

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Not DPM, M81 woodland.
DPM is British, and probably based off of M81.

Just FYI, that pic is Finnish M05 Snow.

About the pose though, it isn’t awfully bad, the guy just seems to be aiming downwards a bit too much. Plus the guy on the right is doing something rather odd with his legs.

DPM came years and years before M81 actually

but ERDL came around in 1948 which is what M81 technically is.