Marines and a Conflict Which Has No Name Or Purpose What-so-ever: But Looks Cool

I think the bloom is a tad too much in the 3rd picture. But ah well. All I used was GMOD, not counting the Lost Planet and Starcraft 2 models(Which work really good together). I’ll probably make more if I find a dropship model some sort that’s white. Or a light gray. So, how did I do?

It’s okay. Not the best, but somewhat good.

I’m having trouble handing standing the last picture, are two guys hiding behind a truck or something? Otherwise I suppose it’s ok, although jpeg_quality 100 seems to be gone.

And what maps that? Looks kinda funky :smiley:

The second and third are complete ratfucks, I can’t tell what’s going on other than totally overdone bloom (hint: bloom is something you use in moderation or not at all). The first is mediocre.