Marines from AVP3

I wonder why there’s no common alien and marines for the GMOD.

I thought Crysis’s marines are the most similiar but not same completely…

I want to see the real marines fight with common aliens.

But even I don’t know how to open AVP3’s files :frowning:

I hope someone’s already doing the great job in GMOD’s history.

p.s. I changed lines to be easy to read

i think you’ll find that no one here has ripped from AVP3 but how about you try 3dx ripper just a suggestion

I think that’s not bad idea but, I tried many times and even I don’t know

how to “begin.”

Well… I saw pred and predalien models from AVP3.

Now… I just hope to him to export marines from AVP3. :smiley:

Well, I tried to use 3dx ripper and it didn’t work for me. I even got help from an experienced person and it still didn’t work.