Marines getting left behind on a hostile planet [scenebuild]

Well, looks like they left without us, sir…

Other angle:

Tested my new hacks and scenebuilding skills. C&C please.

And if you tell me that thats flatgrass Ill freak out

The river’s water looks abit iffy’ thats my only gripe

It would have been Flatgrass if Fog would work on Flatgrass. I used Freespace03 instead.

I like the scene and the posing is really good. Nice picture dude.

Omfg epic scenebuild. I give you artistic.


what props are those mountains? also, epic scenebuild.

Stop stealing the idea I stole.

I kid. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great scene-build and the posing is nice too. Nice to see your’re making hacks (saves me a lot of time with the inflater). Also, it’s good to see you darkened the helmet, as I did when using the inflater (they looked really bad in Angry Baker’s sterile white style).


Original ?

Coast skybox effects and resized rocks. And thanks.

Awesome scenebuild mate, I hope those head hacks come soon to our hands :smiley: So we can all steal Baker’s idea easier lol

Cool scenebuild, but the planet doesn’t look very hostile. Looks like you could have a nice picnic there.
But thats irrelevant, it looks great.

I meant that it belongs to hostile (probably alien) forces.

How was the water done? Beautiful scene build.

Artistic for you. Awesome scene build.

Big PHX plates and shadertest water material.

By the way, I have an alternative version of this, without all the sci-fi and military stuff. Only bloom added.

You, are, Legend.

Wow… It reminds me of the first Halo a lot.

Pretty good. Reminds me of Avatar or Halo.