Marines in a Cemetary [Scene Build]

Use your imagination. Maybe there was a zombie apocalypse, or these Marines are crazy.

Edit: The Marine on the right has a creepy look. It’s actually pretty scary.

Musn’t be a very good cemetary, there are bodies above the ground!
One of them is waving at me!

Maybe you should edit it to look a bit darker.

The guys responsible for the graves were on strike. Yeah, that’s it.

Edit: I was going to make it a bit darker, but I’m sick of people complaining, “It’s too dark,” and such. So, I did this for the vision impaired few.

The marines woulda had a hell of a walk to get to a forest from a desert. (camouflage)

The Marines wear Marpat when in a woodland environment. The tan equipment is standard for Marines regardless of desert or woodland.

EDIT: While reviewing my picture, I realized I made a mistake and left something in there that I wasn’t supposed to leave. If you can figure it out, you get an internet high-five. The first hint, which is a big hint, is that it’s located near the black guy.

EDIT AGAIN: I was rated dumb because someone doesn’t know what Marines wear?

A floating bottle?

Can you specify where the ‘floating bottle’ may be?

The green one beside the gun of the guy on the right.

I’m gonna think it’s an old Karelian cemetery left to waste under Russian rule, and those guys are there for the third world war or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Still wouldn’t explain the bodies above the ground, but meh.

As I implied, that looks an awfully lot like a wood for a cemetery, and there are very little graves, especially ones with stones and actually dug ones :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, it would be a lot more logical to have soldiers in there if it were an old, misused and mistreated one that has had a chance to forest up again.

The dog food is just random… lol

I like the build and the posing, although the walk of the guy on the left looks a bit odd, not sure why exactly.

Oh, no. That’s part of the generator. You’re close, though.

Nice picture But I am working on giving this skin a dark green vest. :confused:

It’s the Burr Hills cemetary.
“Hi gang! Hope to see you folks real soon!”