Marines on Break

Two Images I created to promote Angry baby’s new Battle LA: Marines.

Check them out here.

wow, thanks for posting the link

2nd one’s cool, imagine a nuka cola rocket launcher! it’s be like those menthos + coke mix explosions when it hits a target.

I think that wall is going to regret being there

I love the models Battle:LA was a good movie, Besides the slow point in the middle

Sunglasses on night vision goggles. You made my day.

Marine gear is coyote brown.

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But nice pics nonetheless.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the first pic has really nice lighting.

Thanks for all the comments, I had a lot of fun making the pictures.

I have heard the movie kinda sucks.

Nah, the only sucky part really is the middle, besides that its a great movie, the sounds make you feel like you’re right next to the guns