Marines saving an injured buddy from the battlefield

messing with the blooming…feel free to try to photoshop it.

Debloomed with minor altercations

too much bloom…

Too much blood.




If he got shot in the neck that’s possible :v: ofc he would be dead in 1-2 minutes so no reason to save him.

Gonna see if I have time to try editing this :stuck_out_tongue:

oh pshaw it was only day 4 when i made that one…wait untill i get to day number 5 >:D

Yeah, too much blood and the guy behind the pole looks pretty stiff.

Ugh, default blood.

What’s with the wierd textures on the 7Bs? The model came like that?

Was bored so i made a quick edit.

Replaced the muzzleflash, added some shadows, moved the empty shell and added a tiny bit of blood.

Tell me what you think about it! :slight_smile:

these models were the second bundle of CoD4 ones i downloaded, their faces are still stiff, and where do you find the special effects blood??

What special effects blood?

yeah…bloom rape and shitty half-life 2 blood decal spam makes it look bad

Terrible use of Bloom, bad blood, terrible models.

The bloom and blood in the first picture has offended my eyes to the point where am I considering seeing a professional optician.