Marines Shoot Down Unknown Targets (My Edit, Not My Pose)

I edited this for Ilwrath from the “Edit My Screenshot” Thread. Enjoy!

Edited: (Exhale77, Me)

Original: (Ilwrath)

C&C please!

All that I can notice that’s different is the muzzle flash and a slight blur/DoF effect.
You should try editing some colours to set a mood, create some contrast and things like that.

I did edit the colors…at least I thought? Thanks for commenting though.

Your avatar is lovely…

-snip- Durrr

Not yours HiddenMyst’s
sorry for the confusion

It’s fine…I didn’t even read who you’re replying too. Good god I’m dumb.

Dude on the right is thinking


yes you are, as is anyone who uses internet fad slangs like “durr”

Overused muzzleflash.

Please come back and insult me when you work on your grammar a bit…

his grammar was fine. ‘you are and idiot’

As in capitalization, adding periods, etc. His spelling was fine.