Marines surrounding a hydralisk

The strider gibs seem to fit the hydralisk pretty well, too bad they aren’t a bit smaller :frowning:

Tried to hide the tail a bit, since the model kept flying of for some reason. So set up the fiction that it was hidden under those barrels or something.

“The barrels have taken over your operation, Marines.”


Also, what’s wrong with the marine on the left? i can hardly make him out at all.

I don’t have a comment, because there isn’t much to comment on. Its all blurry and looks sloppy. Sorry D:

Also, one huge issue with me: There are worms shooting out of your Hydralisk thar.

Am I kicking the Hydralisk’s ass or is it kicking mine?

And someone stole my gun. :ninja:

I accidentally deleted the default one when moving the stuff to addons :~

The worms being the strider gibs I presume.

So much blur and so much brown… everything merges into each other. The picture has no focal point.

What am I supposed to be looking at.