Marines tending to a wounded soldier.

“Call the corpsman!”

Just work on the posing, your gettin’ there!

Yeah posing is a wee bit off.

What, specifically, should I fix?

Looks a little strange mixing the Marines with the Army and giving them LR-300s.

It’s not uncommon to see Marine patrols and Army patrols meeting up in combat. And the LR-300’s is because of my lack of weapon models.

Coreman, not corpsman.

Aside from that, good stuff.

I hope you’re joking. Please tell me you’re joking.

Nope. CORPSman. I am in the Corps, in case you’re wondering.

Posing is great except for the legs of the guy in front. He looks oddly bow-legged.


Blood looks pretty good too, but a little bright

Awesome you made the marine and the army model look like they are diffrent people when its just two same models with diffrent skins.
But the soldier in the backround with a ski mask and a army uniform sticks his hand out weirdly. Bow legged soldier would have been better off leaning at the humvee and shooting at the (add target here).

id say gun and hand posing myself