Marines walk through a town


yeh they’re totally walking

lighting is very inconsistent. the nearest guy looks illuminated by some really short-range flashlight. makes the scene look like it’s taking place indoors

So they’re walking through India then.

One burst from an assault rifle or a machinegun could cut them all down.

FROG gear
good models

I’m not a fan of the vignetting, and the angle could actually show a little bit of their surroundings to give an idea of the situation.

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Also what models are these? They look p. boss.

Are those reskins?

Great picture, btw.

Yeah, They’re not completely by me, a guy did the camo and I just added the white body suit bits and fixed up some stuff on the arms and legs… basically all the credit goes to him.

I like it. Where did you get the models though?

I like the posing, but I agree on the lighting part.

Guns are too new

The posing is good but I don’t really like the lighting. There seems to be a little too much contrast.

That’s-a-me. :smile: Did you tested Woodland MARPAT that i sent to you with Desert version?
Yeah, i messed up a little with belts on a legs… glad you fixed 'em.