a quadruple feature

done in sfm

I like top left.

are the glassy stares intentional

because that’s awesome

sure are

also thx bb

Oh wow, now that Joazz pointed that out, that makes it actually quite impressive, i thought the stares were due to Source eyes.

nice stuff yo

They look fat (I love it) (Love your work Ninja) (of nubs) (<3)
Was this made in SFM? or Gmod? Did you get the lighting with Photoshop? (Im sure lol)

he started using sfm a while ago so my bet is sfm

Are you guys dumb?

I swear I didn’t see that

woah there devil dog

I love the top two and their eye stares. But the lower left one, his eyes seem plastic. Idk how SFM renders eyes, but it’s like it doesn’t do ambient occlusion well within the eye itself.

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In the top right it’s perfect, there’s this shadows around and in the eye, but in the lower right one for example, the right eye’s corner even has this white dot which makes no sense. I’ve seen this before in other SFM pics with eyes, it seems like this should be corrected in SFM itself or in post though.

Who stole their necks?

thanks for mentioning that actually, i tweaked the neck parts of the tops a bit



they have IBA’s with collar protectors on?

Obviously, I’m not a blind fool. But if you line up his chin with his shoulders, the neck is way too short. Even in that picture, you can see how the top of their shoulder lines up with the bottom of their chin or slightly above/below.

Ninja edited it, so it’s fine now, but thanks for giving a good reference on how it should look.

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I saw your refugee camp post and I didn’t report you or ask anyone to report you I don’t know anything about that.

I just rated you dumb because I found your reply to my “shit post” (which wasn’t my intention it was to inform) really snarky.

tbh your post can be taken as unnecessarily condescending too

one question mark in the wrong place can really blur the line between “informative” and “cocky”.

Wow! amazing! you gonna make them for Gmod ?

They are already in gmoddo