Mario Castle Models Wanted

I’d prefer them from wii, but any models would work. If I made a gamemode, I would also map a map pack. The hardest part is getting side-scroller movement. I think it would be better to do Third Person camera view, like in Mario 64. There is no deadline for this, besides this: Within the next 3 months is preferred. There will be a deadline once I get the fireballs working properly. I want a side-scroller style because you can see more things around you.

I could find [those ones...]( I think.

I am going to want that one.

For that matter, I also want the red door.

Ghost house is wanted, but mainly the purple castle.

This one is optional.

This door!!

And, the fortress:

And I would also like the toad houses. (mushrum houses) … Red, Pink, and Spyro-The-Dragon purple.

I would also like the main models animated, but I think someone is working on that. I’d also like some other bosses, besides Bowser, please.
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I would also like all doors to be animated, the animation named Enter, and they should close afterwords. The ship is wanted, too, as well as Super Mario level textures such as blocks.

I can’t find the exact one, but I want this, too:

WWhoa, BIG!
More like this:

Considering peaches painting as the door... .

This shows the door:

And this box: Super Mario Bros Wii/Everything Else/Exits and secrets guide/WII44.won_mario.sec_peachmusic–article_image.jpg

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Any hope would be greatly appreciated.

I really need these, if I want to make a New Super Mario gamemode. I can make them with brush work, but I prefer not to! If this double posts, I am sorry. Usually it adds it as an edit. If I edit regularly, it doesn’t post one of these: [editline]Dec 22 2012[/editline] and I want those there… I don’t know why… .
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I need an SD card, NOT an SDHC card. I want to import the models myself.

Ugh… How do I get my wii models onto the PC??? The disc doesn’t work, but I have BootMii… any help??

put in what you need for gameplay with brush work and keep looking for someone to port them.

I can’t do it in bushes. The round things are hard to align, and the lighting will be off for that matter.
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Well, hmm… I just need to know how to open models from an ISO… with dolphin, or other software. Dolphin is preferred.

If you want to do any other models than there are below, please ask me. Sorry = Gomenasai. I can get every model, but it might get distorted when it’s converted to 3Ds. It does not lose data in SMD mode.

Gomenasai for the tripple post…
Okay, I can offer SMD files for the models. Please post the compiled model for me. Inform me of your texture directory (I prefer Game/game/materials/marzio "quote"unquote)Peach’s Castle

Boss Castle 2

BIG FILE >End-Game Castle< BIG FILE

Star Coin

Level Plate (Circle)
They are instant download links, and I did not include the materials, but I have those. Just make sure you set the material directory to materials/marzio/ Please.

i think i prefer for Mario Kart Wii Peach’s Castle and NSMBWii Bowser’s Castle, it’s such looks high quality.

i had ever making some Mario games models into Garry’s Mod.

I can compile them, but they export from wii with some disfiguration.