Mario characters from SSBB

can someone port the rest of the mario characters where luigimario left off at?

I know luigimario released luigi already but It’s not fully flexible “no face/finger pose”

is the possible to bring this daisy to gmod?

Tilliole, ApocHedgie and RTB are the best bet.

well I can’t bother ApocHedgie because he’s doing the sonic generations models so i’ll maybe contact RTB or Tilliole.

I’ve been planning on porting the Brawl Bowser to Garry’s Mod, along with R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch (as well as update my Ice Climbers ports). As for Daisy, it’s a customized model, and there’s the whole permissions thing that I’d have to go through. Either way, Peach/Daisy would be a bit troublesome to port, what with the dress physics and all.

yea I kind of think that peach/daisy might be a threat but Mr. Game & Watch and R.O.B. port sounds interesting.

support for a brand new Luigi!

I just edit the link to daisy.


bump for the last time!

Oh hell yes I’ll support this. Luigi has got to be my favorite underdog, right next to Dan Hibiki.

yea I added Luigi because hes doesn’t have face/finger pose.

What about the fingerposing for some of the characters with only 4 fingers? I recall that cartoons that are not exactly well made have human characters with only 4 fingers (the missing finger is always the ringfinger), this also happens in some toons (but non-human characters are normally PURPOSELY with only four fingers, this doesn’t count for Sonic because for some reason he and his friends *all *have five fingers, except for Cheese and the rest of the Chao). So if Bowser would be brung up, would you mind setting his middle finger to Finger2 and his pinky to Finger4 (skip Finger3 because Bowser has no ringfinger)?

I forgot to ask this early when I started this thread, did someone already release the brawl DK & Diddy Kong? if they did, can someone send it to me.

Im pretty sure Brawl Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong don’t exist in the Garry’s Mod world yet, but they do have this Diddy Kong, its not Brawl but its useful since its the only one so far.

But it also isn’t Face/Finger/Eye poseable, though the Mouth is ragdolled.

can you send me the link to DKs

Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, King K. Rool, Rambi and that Blue Fish Thing i can’t think of the name right now are in this pack:

And small Donkey Kong is in this pack:


Ive messaged ApocHedgie not too long ago and said that he maybe will rig the models but we don’t actually know for sure.

bump since alterego ain’t going to.

I found a peach model