mario characters

i made a new thread because the birthday request was old there was no progress and someone is making ssbb ragdolls and hopefully will make peach, please no rude comments, no comments that aren’t helpful i wanna start new and fresh. it is just a request and im not going to beg every day this time but i might bump but thats it.pauline ,toadette and toadsworth ,!.PNG/294px-Oldytoad!.PNG sadly i dont have model for some of them but here is toadsworth model i did not make him toadsworth .just 3 ragdolls that i really want pauline mostly.


Chill man, I’m already working on the daisy model you asked for. Why not just ask for one model at a time or something, over a period of time. Also, please work on your grammar. A thread with “mario characters” is likely to get lots of dumbs instead of “Some Mario characters that I would like”.

did you get the daisy emblem I gave you on the DA?

Yeah I did, I have her in max right now.

oh ok, carry on!

Your post is hard to read.
You’re requesting about 20 things at once. Most people can’t even do 20 things at once and if they could, they probably wouldn’t because your post is hard to read.

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At most you’ll get 3 things…possibly.

Alright I have the daisy smd ready, but I can’t get the rest of this damn crown off without deleting her hand. The tennis racket could be deleted, but this crown has to be manually deleted.

Any suggestions?

actually I was talking about the prop daisy emblem like this:

you thought I was talking the model of her but I was talking about the prop. I was hoping that you can replace the peach emblem from her chest, ear ring, and crown. heres the link to the prop below.

I know you mean the emblem, I have that as well. But before I can get it on her I needed to make sure the smd would work.

oh well my mistake on my last quote, btw nice to see a preview of it.

No it’s fine.

And yeah, the only thing wrong is the crown, other than that, that’s what your model is going to look like.

What program are you using?

I’m using the 2012 version of max

I go base on her official design.

you kinda see what I’m talking about her emblem situation.

Okay yeah, that’s easy then. What you want to do is add another Edit Mesh on top of the skin modifier, use select element, choose the crown, right click and detach. Then since it’s a simple prop, re-rig it to the head bone if you want to, otherwise just make it a separate prop.

Alright, thanks :smiley:
That did the trick, now I have get every thing else set up.

Oh and sorry about the emblem, but it just fucked up my max. I’ll have to try it later.

will daisy have face posing?

Not in the initial release, but over time, I can muck around with the mesh to support faceposing.

initial release? are you talking about a beta coming out soon?