Mario! ...I might want help

I actually haven’t decided whether or not to make a map pack for it. I just would like someone to make the NPC’s. If you have “New Super Mario for Wii” I would like the bosses from that, but otherwise I just want Bowser, the Turtle Soldiers, the brown mushrooms, etc. I would suggest making 1HP for 1 hit, but do 25, because that’s what I programmed the fireballs to do 25(For cases that involve Half-Life NPCs). The fireballs also ignite the victim, if they survive. Models aren’t necessary, yet, just use a model that is roughly the size of half of a person for short ones, and the size of a person for tall ones. I do want the models, but they may come later.

I have no deadline for this, but if you want to see anything from Mario in Garry’s Mod, keep this thread alive, and on the first page; please.

I don’t have an outline yet for this project, but I have ideas…

Oh, yeah… And if you do choose to help me, make Bowser’s HP 414 points. That will make him take 3 hits, and 18 fireballs. I would also want him programmed to ball up after 1 hit, or 150 damage, and roll around: forward, and backward, alternating when he hits anything. If he hits the player, he just continues.