Mario Kart in S&Box?

So I made alot of Garrys Mod addons ranging from 80-14000 downloads. One of them being a Mario Kart Gamemode which I just worked on for fun. I was wondering if I could manage something similar for sandbox. I heard Facepunch was looking for people to create addons for sandbox so when it gets released to the public it has some content. I am also a semi-experienced viewmodel animator. I animated SWEPs for gmod and I am also viewmodel animating to this day.

That’s quite the gap.
Well, right now the only way to get keys is if someone who already has a key nominates you in the discord, basically anyone that receives at least 1 thumbs up will get it so you’re better off playing buddy-buddy with a rando on discord, nagging him for a nomination, than actually showcasing good content.

Okay thanks. Btw 80-14000 downloads meaning some addons having like 80 downloads (just being like, not real serious addons)

there’s already a actual gamemode being worked on called gKarts