Mario Kart


We’ll here it is, Mario Kart in Garry’s mod.

If any of you have played mario kart 64, then you know what I’m talking about. We ( Me and polkm ) are trying to make this game mode as true to the actual game as we can, but of course variation is always nice.

Mario Kart is a racing game that pits different Nintendo Characters against each other in a racing match, players are able to pick-up items that they can use to slow down their opponents.


There are other characters, and other cart colors. We haven’t posed the ragdolls yet but we will eventually get to that point.


[release]Gamemode [/release]

Damn, somebody actually made this. Looks good, has potential, good job.

It’s awesome, keep up improving on it and give us more updates!

I made a vgui Object, left hand side, that shows who is in first second third ext.

Gunna work on kart customization next.

Kart customization? That’s some sweet stuff right there.

I looked at a thread called Mario Kart the other day, it was full of 10 year olds thinking they can make it.

I expected the same here but you disappointed me :slight_smile:

Kart customization, might be a bit strong its more like you pick your color then you pick your character.

Well you could still add customization like Top Speed and Acceleration.

having rpg elements in racing games ruins that entire experience, thought the characters will have slightly different stats.

It’s not RPG, there was already a difference in Acceleration or Top Speed in Mario Kart.

There will be, don’t worry.

Each Character will have unique stats, just you will be able to change cart colors. Thats about it.

Made some progress with noob, Here is what the character creation panel looks like right now.

Also the new timer is in the top right.

Looks amazing so far!

To be honest, it wouldn’t look that bad if you just used HL2 content. You already have decent driving animations, and you can always make prop cars by parenting props to each other. And for the items, just use HL2 props as well. To be honest, it would look way better and original, just look at how terrible Mario Kart Source looks. Source just isn’t the right engine for that kind of art style.

But I guess it will look decent once you add custom fonts, so good luck on that. :v:

but its a retro contest, isn’t it supposed to look like the game?

why is donkey kong on an invisible crucifix?

God damn blue melon!

And besides noobulator already made the shell and the kart so why put them to waist. also donkykong is that way because ragdolls are laggy as hell and hard to position right.

Ah sure, if you’re using serverside ragdolls, that’s certainly going to be lagtastic.
I thought you’d be doing Lua animations or something like that. Just to say that you chose the hard way to do it, and it might not even come up right.

Well we are competent coders, I think we’ll manage.