Mario NPC (Super Mario Galaxy Model)

Okay, this is a help/request thread. If any body can make a Mario NPC, from the Super Mario Galaxy model, then please do. Maybe if you can’t do it, then can somebody tell me how to make one? This is important, and if it is to hard or takes up to much time, then tell me how to make one from the Super Mario Galaxy Mario. Basically, the help part of this thread is how do I make an NPC. Please help me if you can. Thanks.


I know but they wont tell me there and this is a better title


because i only want him


not any of the others any more. just HIM

You REQEUSTED THIS ALREADY, and there IS a mario model, Just use the damn search function!

no no no, i want a mario NPC!!! not a model i already have it i need an NPC!!!


and it needs to be made out of the same one as the super mario galaxy model!!!

Let me set the record straight…

  1. Download MDLDecomipler or StudioCompiler
  2. Decompile Maro.mdl (Whatever the model name is)
  3. Open up the QC file with Notepad.
  4. Add whats below to the QC
    $includemodel “humans/male_shared.mdl”
    $includemodel “humans/male_ss.mdl”
    $includemodel “humans/male_gestures.mdl”
    $includemodel “humans/male_postures.mdl”
  5. Compile the model
  6. ???
  7. PROFIT!

holy shit, thanks, now maybe i can make some npcs out of all of the super mario galaxy models!

at least put up the download link if you asked we should get something too :confused:

eh? Why did you bump this with a nonsensical reply @.@

Also there’s no way to make an NPC mario without making fully custom anims, so it’s highly unlikely he managed (as the suggested method only works with ValveBiped rigged models and the Galaxy Mario is neither rigged to the Valve Biped or the right size to do so).