Mario Rush

From the maker of the GCC-winning Grand Theft Painting, I introduce you:

      __  ______    ____  ________     ____  __  _______ __  __
     /  |/  /   |  / __ \/  _/ __ \   / __ \/ / / / ___// / / /
    / /|_/ / /| | / /_/ // // / / /  / /_/ / / / /\__ \/ /_/ /
   / /  / / ___ |/ _, _// // /_/ /  / _, _/ /_/ /___/ / __  /
  /_/  /_/_/  |_/_/ |_/___/\____/  /_/ |_|\____//____/_/ /_/

(lol shitty ascii art)

What’s this about?
It’s a multiplayer side scroller, with as goal to get to the finish line before everyone else does! You play as the good ol’ Mario, so while playing this you’ll get nostalgasms all over the place!

How does it work?
Just like a normal side scroller. Press A to run left, D to run right and SPACE to jump. There’s no aiming with the mouse or something, Mario didn’t do that either!

NO! Like GTP, powerups will be added to make it less bland! Also, there will be multiple rounds with each round having a different track, because every map has 5 tracks to add even more variety!

What’s done already?
Not much. Currently I got the base + HUD working, but the maps are gonna take a long while to make.
Total: 10%
Maps/Tracks: 3%
Gameplay: 30%
HUD: 80%

How does it look like?
Here, have some screenshots. They are ordered from old-to-new, so for the most recent ones scroll down a bit.
Basic racing system done.
Huge map update. For some reason due to the increased walk & jump speed I often get stuck in the displacements :crying:
Oops, forgot to place a finish trigger here :v:

Will you have a server up for testing?
Maybe. I can do it, but I don’t have much time due to school. (FUUUUUU)

What do you think? Cool? Rubbish? Post it here!
Also, this is a one-man project. I can make everything I need myself.

a.k.a. don’t copy gfx/code/sounds before asking me.

If that’s the case, remove sprinting altogether, or make sprinting the default and have SHIFT be walk. No sense causing unnecessary button pressing.

Or the sneaky guys who just type +speed in console before the match starts.

Good idea, I just changed the sprint speed to the walk speed and it’s all good now :v:

Woah, WOAH, this is retro. To sprint in “retro” Mario games, there was always a button to run. We dare disgrace the Nintendo gods by taking it away?

… But ain’t they nintendo’s?

Oh well who cares, You might want to disable texture filtering on mario.

Some of them aren’t.

I would if I knew how to do it.

Did you do NoLod on them atleast? Or are they always that bad quality?

I removed all the mipmaps, that’s the same right?

now i’ve got mario music stuck in my head. D:

Not bad but could use a first-person camera mode IMO.

That would make it deathrun with Mario sprites and no traps.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, the theme is retro. First person running with Mario sprites wouldn’t be retro at all, that’d just be some random gamemode.

This with the Mario boxes, pure win