Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic games girls.

Could anyone rip the models of the playable ladies in the 2012 London Olympic games in both their default, and gymnast outfits? These characters include Peach, Daisy, Amy, and Blaze. I’d be much obliged to whoever gives effort to fulfill my request.


Jeez, I didn’t even know that game was out.

Couldn’t hurt though. Support.

Totally supporting this.

In fact, someone is ripping the Mario & Sonic 2012 models for The Models Resource.


I support this, too. Though, I don’t like Blaze’s new costume, I much prefer the one from the first game. Unless that’s what you meant by “gymnast outfits”.


I’m pretty sure he meant the gymnast outfits.

thanks for all the support. This is the first request I made that got positive attention.

You’re welcome.

I’d support too, but why only the girls…?

Support, although the swimsuits could be useful too.

For reasons you don’t want to know.

Because we practically have similar appearances of the other characters, but not the girls, becuase they have different outfits. yeah, we now have the Mario Sport Mix models for Peach and Daisy, but those models are different and possibly lower in polygon count.

xD Are you duckin kiddin me??? With Mario & Sonic characters…?!

Well, that makes much more sense.

Which game had that Perfect Chaos made of Ice? The winter one?

Different outfits are always good. Support.

Yup, Perfect Chaos appeared frozen in the Wii Winter Olympic Games. He was in the Dream Figure Skating Event: Sonic version.

I gotta say that those models would be good for summer-themed pictures.

I posted this in another thread:

I have gotten the Peach Swimsuit (aka Peach Leotard) model and textures extracted from a Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii) iso, converted into Source engine files, and have it in my Garry’s mod files. However currently it appeared as Purple and Black lines in the Source SDK’s Half-Life Model Viewer. which if i’m correct, means the source engine can’t find something in the material’s folder for the source games, so i did that now it appears invisible on the viewer, i’m gonna work to fix this, then figure out how to give it a category in the Game, then its straight to the Steam Workshop for this Peach Model, then i’ll attempt to do Daisy :slight_smile: