Mario & Sonic Olympic Games Models/Maps

Hi there, it’s me again.

We already have a leotard/swimsuit Peach with eyeposing. She’s just missing face-posing and expressions. So, will it be possible to get leotard/swimsuit Daisy and leotard Rosalina from Rio 2016 3DS, too? I’m pretty sure that Amy and Blaze with their different outfits could be ripped, too. It’s not just models. How about the stadiums as maps? I would like to have the National Aquatics Center as a map.

Just asking. Are they ripped yet? Sorry, if it’s too much requests!


I already found the swimsuit Daisy here in this pack:
Maybe Fire Flame Sniper can port her, too.

As for Rosalina, is there any rips of the 3DS version of Rio 2016 yet?

The other thing I would love to have in GMod is this:

It’s the London Aquatics Centre. The first is a screenshot of the Wii version.

Will it be possible to have this as map in GMod? TF2’s water would fit better to this than HL2’s poo water.

Here’s a post about Rio 2016 ripping: