mariokart64n's models?

I remember a long time ago that mariokart64n had made a bunch of awesome models but now i can’t seem to find any of them :frowning: does anybody know where i could get them?


Found more

I miss that guy… I mean, yeah, he was being a huge drama queen, but his ports were still useful.

He was talented but I remember lurking in a lot of thread where he went off the deep end. I can understand getting mad if someone steals your work that you make a living from, but I never heard of him getting paid. Did great work, just seemed like he was wound a little too tightly.

the filefront content isnt gmod models its for a different program he was making mods for


Finally someone else speaks out against that… guy.

Didn’t he just port stuff as far as I remember?

Da he did. And claim them as his own for just rigging and cleaning them :v:

He is good at rigging though, he rigged for the Dead Fantasy machinimas.

Doesn’t really matter, still doesn’t give you the rights to claim ownership of something or rage about others working on the same model, which was not yours to begin with. I can rig just as good too, anyone can rig to be honest, i’ve seen a lot of people around here that are really good at rigging too, but aren’t smug about it.

Mariokart was a good model ported yes, but he was a huge dickhead and a drama queen.

I remeber when mariokart got pissed off at a guy for porting from the same game as him.

Says you :v:

80% of the people I know who model or port things can get very obsessive and selfish over their models, but mario was a nutter.

When did nexus claim that the models are his? D:

shhhhhh… I’m messing with him :3

You’re a big bully wingwolf :frowning:


true. Mario was probably the worst to be honest.

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