"Marked as dangerous" bug.

Hey there, community.

When I upload a big file to garrysmod.org, it can sometimes get flagged as “dangerous”. I don’t know why this happens. Also, my internet’s kinda fast, so it uploads there in about 10-15 seconds, maybe that is the case?

Here’s an example file I have uploaded to garrysmod.org and that got flagged as “dangerous” there:

Thanks for the help, and I really hope that Garry is going to fix this.

I’m guessing it thinks that since it’s so big it might be something like a harmful .exe or other file. I hope that Garry fixes this too, as I don’t want any innocent stuff to be reported.

I don’t see the sign that says its dangerous. Either it was changed, already fixed, or you are somehow mistaken.

My friend found what was the case. Apparently you can’t view the contents for that file for some reason, and it automatically flags it as “dangerous” if you can’t view the contents. I really hope Garry’s going to fix this somehow.