Market/Steam Economy System with the blueprints in Rust.

Hey guys, I just got back for the weekend and noticed the new "steam marketplace addition to the game. Clearly this is in Beta and not going to be coming out anytime soon but I wanted to hear people’s opinions on it. For those who did not get a look at the changes, here they are:

Last week I mentioned what we envisioned for blueprints. I made some progress this week, so I’ll go into more detail. Blueprints will be stored in your Steam Inventory. You will be able to trade them.

Being able to trade sets the “IN-APP PURCHASES” alarm bell ringing in most people’s heads. Don’t worry. It set it off in mine at first, but it’s just a side effect of being a part of the Steam ecosystem. The intention isn’t for us to sell blueprints to you, the intention is to treat them like trading cards. If you get the same one twice, you can give it to a friend, or swap it for one you don’t have.

We imagine it working like this. You start playing Rust. You can craft a small number of things, you play, you have fun. You get a new blueprint in your inventory. You can now craft a shirt. You play more, you get another new blueprint. You can now craft trousers. Your friend starts playing, you craft him a shirt. He dies. He asks you for another shirt. You decide that you don’t want to keep doing this… so you start a steam trade and give him the shirt blueprint. You play for a few more hours, you get another trousers blueprint. You sell it on the Steam Market for $0.03 – and you also sell two hats you got from playing TF2 for $0.12. With the $0.15 you buy a coat blueprint.

It’s important to us that there’s no losers in this situation. This is what the Steam Inventory system does. Everyone involved wins. Even when you look at the most exploitative situation, a guy spending hundreds of dollars to buy all the blueprints… he’s still got to go in the game and get the resources to be able to craft the items. And even then you could kill him with a rock and take all the stuff he’s made.

So that’s what we have planned. Valve are still beta’ing the inventory service, but they expect it to be ready quite soon. Once that’s done we’ll switch it on and see what happens. We also appreciate that not every server wants people taking their ‘global’ blueprints with them so will make sure they can choose global/local inventories.

Another Post on Reddit that Garry inputted after all of the hate came through:

When I first saw the replies yesterday I assumed most of them were justs straight up kneejerk reactions to the idea of being able to sell/buy shit and they hadn’t read the post properly. But then I read what a few guys (who I respect a lot) had to say, and I totally understand the concerns. I guess I was just assuming a lot of stuff - and you guys were assuming the opposite. I was assuming you trusted us not to fuck you. So let me try to clear things up, and explain my thinking here.

We want Rust to have a lot of items. A hell of a lot. We want lots of different food, lots of different clothes, lots of different resources, lots of different tools, lots of different weapons, medications, building plans etc etc. So we obviously need a way to distribute those things.

The idea was to have two tiers of blueprints. A server, and global. The server list would start off with things you could always craft. Stuff like a hammer, campfire etc - bootstrap stuff. The global (steam dropped) stuff would be variants of those items with jiggled attributes. So a pair of burlap trousers would be a server blueprint… and a pair of jeans would be a global blueprint. The jeans wouldn’t offer any significant advantage - it’d be mostly cosmetic.

The missing piece I didn’t explain is what we haven’t got fully figured out yet. You’d need to have the server blueprint to be able to build the global blueprint variant. I didn’t mention this because I was planning on everyone having those blueprints by default at first (which is how it is right now).

A lot has been said of the enjoyment you get from a fresh server wipe, everyone running out trying to blueprint up to become the best on the server. I can see the enjoyment here, the exploration, the growth. But we’re trying not to plan the game around server wipes - because server wipes fucking suck. So even though you think it’s interesting to go out exploring and finding blueprints - is that still fun if the server is 6 months old and there’s already established people on it? That’s one of the things we’re struggling with.

I’ve said it again and again. There’s no need to go crazy, there’s no need to spazz out. We’re not going to jump in with both feet. We’re going to nibble around the edges to see what works. If it doesn’t work we’re going to change it until it does. This is the process of exploration in our game development - we don’t want to just assume things won’t work. If we had done that Rust wouldn’t exist.

The idea of moving stuff to the steam market wasn’t financially motivated at all on our part. We have enough money. What we like about the steam market is that you’re getting rewarded for playing. If you stop playing Rust you sell all your earned stuff and you make a bit of cash - you might even get back the $20 you spent buying it. I guess you guys don’t see the value in being involved in that though?

I made a quick strawpoll to see people’s reactions:


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