Marksman Test ( Greenscreen and FX Test )

Hey FP,

So ive been sick for the past week, and I decided to do a little test with greenscreening and some FX I never used, and I came up with this little test called Marksman.

This was my first time using Greenscreen so any feedback and suggestions would be excellent because I plan on using it more often. I also included pictures of the scenebuild I made on flatgrass that didnt take very long but looking for the proper particle effects did.

So yeah, just some feedback and suggestions would be great. Thanks :slight_smile:

P.S Thanks to MaxofS2D for some tips!

On the slow-motion part, the sound was choppy. To fix that right click the sound clip from the video and choose “Properties”, then, choose “Lock to Stretch” somewhere towards the bottom. It will sound slower but no more choppiness.

In addition, the slow-motion bullet looked meh, if you had have rotated it in circles, like spinning when comnig out of the barrel, i’m not exactly sure about the realism of adding that but it will still look cool. Also, the shot was much too long, and having the slow-motion guy wait like 4 seconds before he gets hit in the head made it look awkward.

Great job though, I’ve never done something like that, I’ll have to try it out.

Thanks, ill be sure to take it into consideration next time I do something similiar to this. Also, thanks for sharing how to fix the choppiness, that was very helpful.

Greenscreen with a film clip of the bullet spinning or spiraling in some way, makes it more interesting to watch, it’s better than a boring still immage. If you’re using vegas, use blur on the bullet and less blur on the background. Speed it up, slow it down before impact, use Camtasia, I can see slight framer8 draw backs on the collision. For best greenscreening use After Effects, it provides many more customisable options for your chroma keyer.

framer8 drawbacks?

When your game slows down and gets laggy.

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