Markus looks

… Like a bulldog.

I’m going to turn off my computer and never turn on gmod again. This is absolutely amazing.

pretty sure it’s spelt Marcus

Markus has the wrong body.

Since he has “Maria” on his arm and that’s dom’s wife.

… Oh oh.

Ménage à trois.

i heard someone say it once “manage a trose”

i’ve also heard “bawn joor madaaam wassle”

Oh look it’s a ragdoll

Why does he look like a cartoon?

Thank God he doesn’t look at the camera.

I like the facial edit, wrinkles and such

My, my, don’t I look tough… oh wait, I spell my name with a “C.” Sorry, never mind me!

I like the colors… is that queer?

I just noticed, there’s a moss growing under his mouth