Mars map (Planetia)

This is my second thread. (besides the one i posted wrong , and can’t find the delete button.)

I only will make WIP threads of my maps , where i need advise from other people.
So please tell me what should be changed on the map to help me improve it.

Map info:
This is still a work on progress , as u can see i already have placed a couple cliffs and rocks around the map.
But also as i see there is still alot of space left , making me noticing the texture tiling , which is ugly.
I also don’t want to put to much mountains in the playable area , or put lowered ground.
there is a little field whit small rocks , that is suppose to be like that , it is kinda meant in the storyline to season 2.

Map progress:
•3d skybox : i can still change things , explain any ideas please :slight_smile:
•Size of playable field: very big , also not planning to change. (might ruin the whole map if i do change…)
• 2D skybox texture: simple flat and copy’d from a mars picture, not planning to change.
•Textures: not planning to change , edited and copy’d from portal 2.
•Spawn: i have no idea. current spawn is on the mountain , if u have any idea somewhere else , please tell me.

Things left to create:
•Fill in the map , looks kinda empty. Need idea’s.

-Credits will be fully explained when the map is finished!-

Why i made a thread about this:
•To know what should be changed in the map. improvements , changes , …
•Ideas to fill my map whith.

I currently have this:
Simple big rocks whit some smaller rocks around it.
Some cliffs
a small mountain
loose small rocks

Map storyline:

23 July 2018 ,

The air on mars is to thin that it is unlivable for plants. There is also no oxygen.
The small group of people managed to pump mars full whit air from earth.
Along whit the big airships , smaller ships whit humans came along to create the first natural area.
The natural area provides oxygen , so people don’t have to transport oxygen from earth anymore.
Stage 2 is done.
-In the map , you are playing a couple days after the natural area started working! so it is liveable there now , just do whatever u want to do!
but be carefull , there are no buildings (no hospital , no candystores, no …) , only a big bunch of rocks and cliffs. if u get hurt , don’t whine.

i still have alot of space left , if any of u have any idea , please tell me it would be very thankfull + i also credit you :slight_smile:


movement = Sharpye and has nothing to do whit this thread/map.


Simple screenshot from the upper layer of the only small mountain there is.

A simple screenshot from a crater , impacted by a meteorite a long time ago.

a small open field. i wanted this but the tiling looks really horrible and ugly. i want to replace it , any ideas?

This is the small rock field , reserved for season 2 storyline.


Planetia Season 1 Map 2 “WIP”

It’s kinda bare, but interesting idea. Is the like a construct map or something?

also dont want to do to much rocks , else u can’t build anymore because of all the rocks being in ur way

In case anyone asks: Season 1 = Build/construct

Add some asteroids or some shit to the 3D skybox, maybe even a planet.

i have checked wikipedia for pictures and information.
mars have 2 planetoides as moons , i think the sun light on the planetoids will cast so much light back to mars that they will be seen as 2 tiny stars , that i will do in the 3d skybox.
im having some trouble whit the 3d skybox , but i will try make some craters. gotta remove some mountains then , there already enough mountain in 3d skybox anyway. thanks for the tip!

ooo yah crap , i forgot! i was adding a nature system/place to the 3d skybox to for the story line… well , going to do it when i have time.

Could we have a Goa’uld hatak transport ship flying in the distance?

Olympus Mons.

Stop talking like you know what you are on about…everyone knows JD Sports employees don’t have enough brain cells to handle stargate.

where is mars university?

uhm …, a Ghoo wahuld whatHack? I have no idea what you are talking about…
I also gave this mars map a small role in the storyline, if that thing you are talking about is “spaceship” like spaceship , sorry man :I

Uhm , i kinda can’t understand what you are tryng to say. Am i correct , but are you saying i cannot create a Goa’uld hatak transport ship (which is true) because i am an “JD Sports employee”? (which i am not)

The hatak is a ship from the show stargate.


Sorry for the big picture.

He’s talking to Anon.


nice picture , it really looks nice.

however , 3 big problems occur:
• How the hell can I MAKE THAT!? i am a mapper , i barely can use the propper tool …
• I , uhm, kinda already added a small storyline to the seasons …
• I don’t have the model. and if i do , i might need it 32 times smaller than usual …

if u mean the “distance” whit “3d skybox” , the skybox scale is 32 so that means if a player goes into the 3D skybox , he is 32 times bigger than usual. like he grew up using many drugs. also means i will need a model , sized 32 times smaller than usual.

if u mean the “distance” in the playable area , wouldn’t it be annoying if you were building stuff and then suddenly get OVERRUN by a huge spaceship? (people often build in the air)

my conclusion is:
if u want a spaceship in it , why not spawn it? u can even steer it whit trusthers or other tools , that is kinda whit this map is for. gm_mars_rev , building map , open big place , to test things that u want to test. even if it is spamming balloons to kill admins. anything.

can you change my conclusion? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasnt saying you should make that I was just informing you.I dont expect even the best mapper to make that thats a modelers job.

no problem , you weren’t. You were very kind to give me a good picture about it , the other guy asked it. and before the idea jumps to other people their mind , i want to tell them how it actually is.