Marshmallow Chocolate Horses

I haven’t played gmod in a while, so I joined some servers because I had nothing to do. I saw lots of new crazy wirestuff. I didn’t know what to build.
I spawned a horse and gave it that plain white material.
I colored it pink and thought it looked cool. Then I thought of this.
You can ride the horses, 2 people can sit on one horse.
They spin to so they’re like a carousel.

Here’s someone trying to destroy it.

Riding this makes us so happy.

Many admins use their admin weapons and blow it up when they see it.
Then they call me gay and ban me but I found a few servers where some people really liked it.
We had fun laughing and riding the horses.

That’s some weird stuff you did.

Well that’s… nice.

Banned you and called you gay? bastards… :argh:

A very merry what the fuck.

That’s a fine creation you got yourself there, son…

Will you ride it with me?

Pretty neat. Also, I smell rainbows.