The texture will be changed. :stuck_out_tongue:

i expect this model will be great one.

Nice, some awesome poses will be made with these.

Good work man!!

The gasmask is very different though :o try recreating the one on the picture?

This is amazing I cant wait till this is done. Also can somone tell me what gasmask theyre wearing? Iโ€™m looking to buy a gasmask and that one looks nice.

S-10, British Issue Gasmask.

Looks great Ddok.

Thanks :slight_smile:

How about include this ragdoll into your MARSOC pack?

HOLY CRAP! This looks great for a battle of Yonkers pose I see in the future when the movie come out. (World War Z)

I think heโ€™s talking about the ones in the first pic.

M-40 U.S. gasmask.

I have high hopes for this one, it looks great! Also if compiled, please compile with some animations. Combine or Rebel.

What is this hype of MARSOCs anyway?
Good work.

any progress ?