MARSOC(?) firing his SCAR offscreen

dag nab those offscreen threats :argh:
i have two versions, different muzzle flashes.
which one is better, you choose.
ok fixed muzzle flash

i was seriously tempted to stop posing and spawn a hoverboard and fly around.
rate, comment.
(i know the light emitted from the flash onto the dude is a little too bright, i wanted to make the muzzle flash really huge v:v:v

It’s okay. In-game light from the muzzle is a little strong.

not keen on the diamond muzzle flash first one was okay

First one was nice.

Both muzzle flashes are quite bad in my opinion… but the posing is very nice

Killing Floor SCAR…?

hmm you don’t have normalmap, that’s making picture so ruins

I disagree… the normal maps you guys added look horrible

Goddamn someone is in my throat I can’t get it out… ( many coughs later ) HOLY SHIT THAT’S AWSOME!