MARSOC is Running + MARSOC Sniper Team


Posing and lighting in the second picture is really great. Nice work.

Epic, I should download those.
Also you seem to have the tendency to crop an image perfectly to suit every pose :confused:


Also gorgeous M4 Sopmod. Is that in the COD4 weapons pack?

Hell naw. The CoD4 weapon models suck ass. It’s in Wystan’s hexed M4 pack.

Tobad they’re .jpg’s.

Um… why?

Where you get that M82?

Nice posing as always

the skins are meh

Nice as always.

His spotter is an idiot.

“Hur dur just gonna poke my head out, so all of them could see, HUR DUEERR I’M HOOMUN”

is anyone else bored to see MARSOC pictures?
nice posing and all,but i find it overused…