MARSOC marksman covers an advance


Special thanks for ChestyMcGee :slight_smile:

Nice skins, nice posing, nice use of grass and nice editing. Oh and nice EBR model!


I dont even need to know that the picture will be great.
Dude youre AWESOME!

Nicely done.

Hey ddok1994, have you ever concidered making something non-generic?
I think it would be fun to see if you could.

That looks great! Well done!

Finally. Someone who doesn’t mistake Marksman and Sniper.

Good job not having him tote around a bulky M107. :slight_smile:

That’s the first thing that I noticed, the EBR.

Yay, Marsoc. sigh

The first thing I noticed was the nice lighting. Then I noticed the EBR.


I don’t mind seeing the marsoc because I’m pretty sure they’ll be released in district 9 form soon, but the ebr. Well, when MW2 comes out I guess someone’ll port it aswell

God the EBR.
Also this shot ticks off all ddok tickboxes :stuck_out_tongue:

I wrote the title actually so nerr.

Argggg I’m going to say this for the 80 billionth time
do want force recon modelsSIGH


it’s reallllllly beautiful…

me too