MARSOC Sharpshooter about to fire


C&C etc.

Great posing,looks natural.

Bloom is a tad heavy. Good posing as usual.

Good pose, but why is there someone behind him?

Why not?

it’s either the sniper’s spotter or someone about to take a piss on him

I personally think that spotter would be a bit more low-profile.

Another MARSOC picture. What is with MARSOC anyway? Are they like the new PMC fad?
Great picture.


I just downloaded the MARSOC models,and they are awesome

Pretty nice but you really need to make something a little bit less generic.
Like a bunch of Marsocs fist fighting with spetsnaz in a bar room brawl



Yes they are.

SAS badge with an american flag badge???

Loading Screen



But yeah it’s because the MARSOC woodland skin is, eh, the MP SAS skin.

this is really good I like this pic

The dude behind’em gonna pistol him.

The dude behind him is gonna tap him on the head and then knife him and teabag him.

Oh wait martyrdom.

There are a lot of USMC Sniper poses today… :v:
Good posing.

cool posing but im afraid that the gun looks to small from that angle :frowning: good effort

Sweet, everyone seems horny on these MARSOC models right now. :stuck_out_tongue: