MARSOC shooting in the dark


Laser looks weird, generic? And every thing else is great.

You’ve been gone for quite a while H3llfire. :v:

Looks good, thought the smoke looks kind of strange to me.

The only thing I find wrong with the picture is the smoke. Other than that, pretty amazing shot.

Ya, just needs a bit of a directional cone to show a shot’s been fired.
Seriously though… holy crap.

he aint shooting.but the pics good


nice editing

Damn nice lighting. Smoke needs some work though.

Fucking awesome lighting, Smoke looks great, And damn that laz0r is smexeh.

great edit and pose
but you need hand normalmap texture

nice lighting

A couple things are bothering me; the lighting on the hands seems really strange, which happens when you use dynamic lamps (stupid source) and the smoke in front of the barrel looks a bit strange, and the laser should pretty much only be seen when it is going through the smoke, that would look cool

Other than that, it looks fantastic!