MARSOC's assualt a garrisoned farm house

Picture of the real deal


That smoke looks very marvelous

Wow… Stunning dude :smiley:
Even though it’s simple, it looks really good! and the scene looks “whole”
Artistic for you! :smiley: Gives

Grass looks so odd
But HOLY MOLY,Good job comrade…

Lovely editing and pose
how did you edit?


I’m not sure how to anwser that without making a tutorial

Tutrorials away! Nice.

Smoke effect is boss.

You wish, I can’t be arsed to sit down and explain how to do everything lol ^^

Most of the stuff I know was learned by experimenting anyway.

You made the smoke from scratch only using a reference? :open_mouth: nice!

Great pic ^^

What? No, no lol! That’d be a waste of time, pictures of clouds and some brushes is what I used to make the smoke!

how did you do realistic photo effect?

I’m not sure what you mean but the general atmosphere was made with brightness, contrast, color balance hue, burn and dodge, etc.

that’s enough for me,

Really nice posing and editing on this one. I wish I could edit good :confused: