MARSOCs prepare to open a possible bomb van

First person to get what game this is referencing wins a free suggestion for what I pose next.

C&C etc.

I think you need to change the color of the gear.
Great posing as usual

These models are fucking beutiful! Nice pose too!

Rainbow Six?

Rainbow Six?

Posing on the Van arm is a bit wonky.

Tom Clancy’s Hawx.

Edit: There’s a part towards the end where there is a nuke in a white van in LA.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 :smug:
Awesome picture, artistic for you!

I agree with the above.

Nice models, but not too crazy about the posing.

I can tell you the exact point in the game where that takes place. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Act II, After clearing the courtyard of a California University, they find a van with the doors cracked open a bit, Knight has Michael (the demolitions expert) open the doors as he and Jung cover him. It winds up being empty, but there are a few gas masks in the van, hinting that it is a chemical dispersal system. They rush inside and get to the Gym of the university a bit too late, the students were placed in the gym with the gas and the doors were welded shut. Michael, Jung and Knight could do nothing but listen to the agonizing screams of the hostages as they died in excruciating pain.

American Dad

I quite clearly remember these animations from Vegas II. The black guy is ALWAYS the heavy weapons/demo man; jus’ sayin’.

Close but no.

Ditto. And yeah, the MARSOCs aren’t the biggest fans of twisting their arms.

I’m pretty sure you don’t lead a squad in a game about fighter planes.



Captain Specific, to the rescue! But yes. Only problem is that Knight is the Co-op second player, Bishop leads the team but I’m not gonna castrate you for that since the game is right.


I know, but I haven’t hacked on the black head yet.

Alright, Fussy and Wally, you two get to suggest what I pose next you smart buggers yo

Hmm… A combine sniper smacking a rebel over the face with his sniper rifle? :v: Like a club, holding the barrel.

Dammit, I was too late.