Martial law (stay in your homes)

speech bubbles are terrible – oops.

wow this is really nice, at the same time being pretty funny too
good job with the posing but foley looks like a retard because he has no eye posing (not your fault)

The effects and posing are great.
I dont think the speechbubbles are crappy, they look pretty cool.


All in-game right?

for the most part, yes. Very slightly coloring and sharpening. Otherwise it’s all ingame.


this is what i like

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I think the speech bubbles are awesome. Down with consumerism.

I’m impressed.

I really like it!

Looks really good.

I like this. I also think it’s good you’ve stopped trolling the place.


Right? :frown:

Whather it’s funny or artistic, I choose both.

By the way, where are you people getting these hand/fingerposeable zombies? Mine can’t move their hands, nor their fingers.

These models arent faceposables, thats a shame sometimes.

I never posed their hands/fingers. The zombies default arm pose works excellent for just about everything as it is.

Oh, okay. Still, the hands on mine are locked into position :c

you could try replacing the .phy files. I replace all of my models’ .phy ones with Ellis’ .phy. Hell if I know if it works or not for those, but it does wonders for me on any other model out there. Makes posing a breeze.

Cheers, man :buddy:

Make a series. This is awesome!!! Should be in comics, though

Those bastards. The infected only wanted a… Wait. I can’t say it, or I will never be able to play L4D with a clean conscience:crying:

Nice work all around. But the speech bubbles…