Martian Supremacy

It’s summer.
I guess old habits really do die hard.

Sorry for the iffy angle and the aliasing. Source seems to hate the model for its complex bumpmaps and usage of phong (and no attempts I made to mask the aliasing worked), and it was pretty hard to get an angle on such a big subject. The editing could do with more work, but I lost the original, so I can’t really do much there.

“If you have to apologize for your work - don’t post it” © someone from FP.

I’m shit anyway, if I didn’t post my bad works I’d never post anything whatsoever. Every image I make is just a hope that the next pose…

will be the pose home

that would apply if he had literally said “sorry if the pic is shitty”

that said, the heat-ray is rather thick and flat

I referred to the technique you gave me in 2009, I need to refine it somewhat, you evidently have since then, but I personally need to find more ways to improve it. I’m shit at perspective, so.

they way i’d probably do it nowadays

  1. make a selection in a new layer
  2. fill with white
  3. copy the layer, then set the copy layer’s mode to Screen, color it light yellow in this case, then blur it a sufficient amount. the next step would be to copy the first white layer again, color it strong, warm orange, blur it more than the previous layer, then duplicate the orange layer if the glow is too faint. repeat this step as many times as you need if you want a stronger glow
  4. ADD FANCY SHIT (ripples, sparks, whatever fits a high-intensity energy weapon)

there thou has it

glow and laser effects aren’t really something you can explain or learn from tutorials, it comes through experimentation. just yesterday a guy wanted me to teach him how to do lasers

Thanks for the advice, I’ll put it into practice if I ever do WOTW again (a statistical likelihood)

Kudo’s for stepping out of your comfort zone man. The idea is good, just keep working on your delivery. Play around with the angles, prop placement, and overall composition of your picture. Everything comes with practice, especially photoshop. Be proud of every picture you make,'refuckingback.png

Not gonna take credit where I don’t deserve it, this is definitely well within my comfort zone.

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Jesus christ so many of those are lumpy lumps of shit

but I think this one is quite good (save for the laser beams)

Yeah, I love that model but it’s far too big.
I had a lot of trouble getting down it’s huge ass scale when I posed it:
Also the heat ray was a bitch and I’m still not happy with it.
Tri-pods are hard yo.
I think you did an alright job, save for that weird blur effect it has.

I have a bunch of personal, WIP scales, from 0.001 to 50 times the strider-sized version’s usual size. I haven’t released them (nor any of the alternate skins) because the GM13 update broke most of them and I’ve been too lazy to ask Joazzz for permission to use his original bumpmap.

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I want to know why they’re mostly invisible. Either my .rar backup (Since I’ve gone through six formats since creating them and their reskins) is corrupted, or GMod fucking hates them.