Martini Henry Rifle and Pith Helmet

Hey guys, I’m sort of a sucker for old-time rifles. Would any of you want to do a Martini Henry and a .577 shell?

Reference Pics:[/media]

And for added “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!11!”, a pith helmet would be great.

Reference pics:

Thanks in advance.

Dude, this would be an awesome Idea

A Lee-Medford would be pretty awesome as well, although Zulu-war era stuff is more of what I’m looking for.

Oh, so you’re still going with the “Zulu” look, with the red coats and stuff? That’s cool. When did they start using the Khaki uniforms, by the way?

From what I know they started using the Khaki just after the Zulu war. I’ve seen paintings and pictures of it used in the Boer wars.

Yeah, that’s what I was going from. An Adams Revolver would be nice, too.

Well… theres a henry rifle with gold plating (Lincoln’s) from the fallout 3 weapons pack by Nexus_Elite and a Hexed version with a more… metal and wood texture (though it looks pretty bad so it may need re-skinning) as well by Sliferz

The helmet though… I know nothing about that being released in any form

Could this be derived from the Winchester 1873 on the site?

Well… why don’t you check for yourself…

I know, I have it. I was just saying, could they derive it from the preexisting model? And also, if a swep is ever made, we could use similar anims.

Why not just use that model : / all you would need is the shell

hmmm, for a swep, maybe, but not for a model like in the request. The Martini-Henry looks majorly different.

Some versions of FakeFactory’s Cinematic Mod use a Martini Henry Rifle as a skin for Grigori’s gun (annabelle). I can’t remember which versions exactly, but I think the skin is used around version 4 or 5 and later. If you could get the files and get them hexed you could at least have the rifle. As for the the shell and helmet, sorry can’t help you there.

Alright, I’ll see if I can dig it up, thanks.