Marvel characters

Hi there, I am kinda new to all this and am looking for some Marvel 3d models to play with(ooer missus). I have several but am specifically looking for the likes of Carnage, any of the fantastic four, galactus, the Avengers etc, Anyone help?

Thanks to games like “Marvel vs Capcom 3”, we have a couple of good Marvel models, like Spiderman or Deadpool.

I´m sure if you search enough in this web you´ll find out more Marvel superheroes.

search theres quite a lot of marvel stuff there

thanks for the replies, unfortunately with garrysmod it seems you have to pay to be on there so it’s a no-go for me. can’t seem to search on facepunch either which is strange

So I take it that you don’t have a legitimate Garry’s Mod, then? Because if you do, all you need to do is log in using your Steam account.

To be able to download from you need a legitimate copy of Garry’s Mod on steam and if you don’t, you should not bother asking on the official forums.

Okay, please excuse me I was interested in the 3d modelling side of things, I didn’t realise I would get such harsh replies of some people. Obviously I will not bother you again!!!