Marvel Contest Of Champions

Here are all the characters from contest of champions, all models are in fbx format some are in .obj. Usu noesis to convert the rest to .obj . Also includes most weapons some i couldnt find textures for.
Forgot to add models are not rigged all are static.





agent venom and superior iron man models, yessss

Very cool!

Thanos! Mom, please!

Oh my god!

I’m cuŕently working on deadpool. Also, how do you get models in fbx?

Could you guys port these for GMOD?

Got bored and made a Black Panther ragdoll

i love rocket !

you rigged him yourself?

took valves skeleton,it fits perfectly for human characters

yeah i know how to rig, i ask you have you rigged him yourself or used original rig from game?


Can you make Thanos ragdoll for gmod/SFM please?

i wasnt going to make Thanos,but since u asked,i guess after magneto i can make him,but dont expect SFM,gmod only.

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magneto is done as well,time to do Thanos,he might take a bit longer than the others though since he isnt really human like

maybe you can help me in rigging deadpool? He is rigged about to 80%, i can’t done his belts on chest

hmmm,in situations like that,i usually add the upper part of the belt to 1 bone and the lower part to another bone,im not really that good in rigging,i dont even know how to properly put finger posing

I ran into some problems with Thanos,ill try and finish him,but in the meantime,i did Scarlet Witch

Hawkeye done as well!!!

are you using specular maps?