Marvel Ultimate Alliance - 21 Character models

Well I ripped those like ages ago. You probably have allready seen captain america,but I don’t supose you have seen the others. At first I have decided not to share them, but then I had a change of heart about that. So here’s a late Xmas gift from me.
21 charecter models, max model format, dds and tga textures. You’ll need 3d Studio Max 2009 (or better) in order to use them.

Download Marvel Ultimate Alliance models

Hey dude, any chance of Ultimate Spider Man models? Specifically Spidey’s costumes and Alt!Carnage?

Well I haven’t looked on that game, however I have Carnage allready ripped, just have to find where i put it…

Ultimate Carnage looks like this however:

Maybe you could try MUA2’s models next. Also, I’m new here. Hoping to get my hands on GMod someday.

Any chance on getting alternate costumes? I’d like to see WW2 Cap myself.

Edit: Nevermind, found me a San Andreas ped model of WW2 Cap I can convert.

That Ghost Rider.

What version did you use? The PC one? If it’s the 360 version I’d like Magneto if possible.

very nice

The old link is dead, and I’m sorry about that. Here’s a new one: