Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Maya Fey Request

I’ve made this post to make a request for a model.
To be exact, an Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Model. Lately I’ve been re-playing the Phoenix Wright games,
and I realized something I’d nearly forgotten. How awesome Maya is!
So I’ve made this thread in hopes that someone could help me by porting her!

She has a fully 3D model featured in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 alongside Nick (Phoenix Wright).

I don’t need her as a ragdoll or a playermodel or anything of that sort.
Just her 3D model (preferably .obj or .smd with textures applied).
I can rig her for GMOD myself, I just need her 3d model to do so. ^^

As an extra, when Phoenix changes his color scheme it would change Maya’s as well.
So just to mention it, a bonus could be extracting her multiple colored variations.

But all I really want is her original outfit colors. Just thought I would mention it in case!

Any help with this model request would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


Oh my god, thank you so much! I looked everywhere for her! Every 3d site and Deviantart post I could find.

You’re awesome! ^^
All seems well as I converted her into an SMD and she seems fine. I’ll apply all her textures and hope for the best!

Thank you again :smiley:


Textures applied in SMD format. Just need to rig her now. :smiley:

Well, I’m done for today xD Got her base rig down with jigglebones on a Valve Skeleton and into HLMV.
I’ll work on her more tommorow. ^^

Thanks again Lim1tD :slight_smile:

That looks really cool, are you planning on publicly releasing it if it gets done?

Yup, if everything works fine when it makes the transfer over to GMOD I’ll release her on the workshop. ^^

I’d request buuttt… No one would do it. xD


Got her into gmod :slight_smile: (fingers aren’t fully rigged yet).

Testing out some textures on her eyes, trying to make them a little closer to the in-game eyes.
Based on the Re-drawn eyes of the iOS edition and her artwork.

By the way, does anyone know how to fix the the stuff near her ankles in my post above?
It does that when you are far away from the model, but its not over lapping vertices or anything.
There’s only one layer of vertices on the mesh and they’re all connected.
It’s not a huge issue since its much less noticeable inside GMOD, but I’m just curious, for if I can fix it I’d like to.

I’m kind of wondering if someone can re-rig Nick. Don’t get me wrong, he works fine in GMod, but trying to pose him in Source Filmmaker is more of a hassle than it needs to be.

I just wish for a Phoenix Wright playermodel

Well, there’s this one http:// I haven’t had a chance to check it out though, I wouldn’t know if it’s good or not. Looks like the biggest thing it’s missing are rigged fingers.

I’ve never worked with porting models to Source Filmmaker for use outside of HLMV.
I don’t use SFM really, that’s mainly why.

Figured I’d make a minor update. I’ve added Face Posing, finger posing, jigglebones and phymodel.
She should be out on the workshop soon. Heres a picture to display a bit of what I’ve added. :slight_smile:

Porting to SFM is much easier than to GMod. This is because SFM doesn’t require you to make a physics model.

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I’d say for you to use one of the female survivors (Rochelle or Zoey) but it’s up to you.

Maya fey has been released!
She has Face & Finger posing, Jigglebones, a Ragdoll and of course a Playermodel & NPC!
I hope you all enjoy her! :slight_smile:

The question might sound stupid, but
What tutorial did you use (I see you using blender)
Did you make it by yourself (I mean someone taught you?)
I made rigged model in 3DS Max, but I believe that Blender is easier to use.
I would really appreciate if you give me a link of tutorial what you used (if you did)
Thank you!
Also, nice model, rated it up on workshop.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Two friends taught me what I needed and the basics of QC.
But everything I know about Blender is almost entirely self taught through experimentation.
With some blender basics like navigating the space and stuff thrown in
from scattered youtube videos.
The two tutorials that I’ve used the most are probably
Transfering weights:
Help me a lot. I hand weight a lot of stuff now, but when I want something
quick that I can fix up I use that.
I didn’t use this as much since it’s 3DS max, but the phy model part was helpful to me.

You can also look at this guide targeted at blender
It uses a few of the techniques that I’ve been using.

and there’s this guide for 3DS max
Since its 3DS Max and not blender it may not help you as much but like
Mario’s ragdolling guide, it still can help you regardless.

I find blender the easiest to navigate and work with. I also like its wide compatibility with
.SMDs and so many others. So that’s why I work with it.