Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Models

Someone should port models from this game

Not possible just yet. There’s some sort of oddity in the model format that prevents the models from being exported properly. However, keep an eye on this topic for further developments in the model format:

Sorry for the bump but has anyone found any new information about model porting?

Yes, there has been, actually:

With Noesis, you can now preview and export the models from the 360 version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (and you’ll need the textures from the PS3 version, since the 360 ones are sometime buggy) with the rigging nearly intact. It’s a bit glitchy (and doesn’t work for everything), but it works, nonetheless!

Here’s a quick render of Tron’s model. Had to use the “dizzy” face, since the eye textures won’t export for some reason.


There is a way to convert the .mesh.ascii model format to another useable in Blender/Max.

I got Felicia and Morrigan :stuck_out_tongue:

good work on this prototype, rtb
this will be good

does it involve bodygroup of face expression?

Shit, someone beat me to it.

I was going to request this, had a whole bunch of nice screenshots lined up too…

'Course, I was just going to request Zero, Felicia, and Akuma first.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing what comes of this!

Oh yeah, quick question; do the models have the capability for Faceposing and Eyeposing? They look like they do in-game, but I’m not certain.

Yeah, from what I’ve seen, characters have rigged faces, and also a bunch of bodygroup face sets (for example, Tron has default rigged, default unrigged, smile, angry, wink/laugh, hurt, and dizzy face sets).

Yeah, they should. The eye textures will have to be modified so that they’re separate, but it is possible.

Is not default if you follow the method posted before. But you can make it like all the models.

Thanks. Well then, I’m really looking forward to seeing these happen.

Is anyone here planning on working on them?

I really hope someone ports Spencer
I’ve been wanting a Spencer model for oh so long


Zero’s the first one I’ll be porting (along with Taskmaster, Hulk and Hsien-Ko) when I get the files exported properly.

and also request maybe,
robotic gustaff for tron

Nice. That makes me pretty happy.

Do you plan to give him the full treatment; finger, face, and eye (posing)?

I will get to that whenever I get around to porting Tron. It’s gonna be bodygroup Hell, though. Drill arms, Servbot cannons, treads, propellers, and a bunch of other things that will all need to be set up properly.

Port the Servbots too.

Wish I could, but the exporter is broken for those. For some reason, they don’t export with any rigging or UV mapping, so those will have to wait, unfortunately. Same thing with Taskmaster’s weapons, for example. (Shield is missing UV mapping, and sword just won’t export.)

Out of curiosity, which would be easier: making body groups or separate models entirely?