marvel vs capcom model.

hello, can anyone make this model for gmod.

I’ve actually been working on a few marvel vs Capcom models for a small pack to keep the fanboys mouth shut. if you can find a model for me to work with, then yes

like a xnalra one, ill see if i can find one.

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i did not find anything.

I see you have met assholes on the internet…There are also nice people so don’t be affraid.

lol thank you Pills, maybe someone can work on this, and its a one scary charter from the game. she acts good but she has a dark side.

perhaps we could find someone capable of ripping the models? (I mean derp it isn’t impossible, how else did I port some already?)

That, and every where you look thats XNA related, theres always a model from the game.

hmm, i know some of the models are in xnalra like felica and morgen. but dont know about this one.