Marx ragdoll

All 3 forms plz.
Maybe a npc model for the blood dragon npc?
And I mean the one from kirby by the way

I need this for machinima reasons

I don’t know what the fuck a marx is so I guess I can’t do it.

Post some kind of reference image. [```

That is a rule.

It’s some kind of evil bat monster joker thing. It’s only appeared in 2D games so someone would have to make it from scratch.

I would but really you just need to rip a model from a brawl hack and rig that.
Search marx recreated in brawl,
find the one that has almost the same name
download the model
port it to milkshape
rig it

If it’s that easy do it yourself.

I don’t know how to rig or port for that matter :frowning:

Came in here expecting Karl Marx.

If you can’t be bothered to post reference images, I can’t be bothered to hypothetically get it for you.

Download it and ask someone to import it for rigging

I cam in here expecting Karl Marx…The composer, not the communist.

Okay fine, I’ll post more refrence images

Looks like a really simple model that could probably just be remade from scratch.

Or at least without face or eye posing

And the last one is what you mean?


Fine, I made a marx skin of kirby

Now someone is going to have to model the wings

**EDIT: **