Marxist Roleplay | Half-Life 2 Roleplay & More !

Marxist Roleplay is a new community currently running a HL2RP on the openAura platform which is temporary intil we can setup our own script which is under development. The community was designed to be easy to get into and easy to roleplay in. We strive to be non-bs and non-drama and a non-elitist roleplay community. So even if it is a hard goal I hope that my community will keep this promise and become a top community in the Gmod roleplay scene.

Content Pack
The lastest content package for our community can be found on our website which I linked below to be easy to follow. Simple directory that uses Garry’s Dir Listing Script V3.0. Just grab the lastest rev. and install it into garrysmod/addons if your having problems with our servers fastDL.

Yea the thread is lacking I understand that. Just wanted to get it out on facepunch so people can see it. I’ll add more later on when I’m finished with my current doings !

Visit the forums at

:ussr: Seems like the average HL2RP, will checkout, I do though dislike having such an idealist stamp in the community name.

Well the Soviet Union was not true communism. The communism that Marx and Engels advocated was the true communism that Lenin arranged to have in Russia. He didn’t want Stalin in power and when he Stalin came to power he made it into a Red Fascism / Socialism which was nothing that Lenin meant for the Soviet Union. I just named it Marxist Roleplay due to it.

Oh you kids.

Nice forums…
It gives me this:

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Also, why is your server on gm_construct?

you tried stalker rp and then why do you host this kind of shit is a mystery to me.