Masako Team for CSS

Original ragdoll: Eidos-IO Interactive and then Simkas (Nice one!)
Masako retexture: Minimole (Good work!)
CSS rigging: Smoky A.K.A Smoki
Requester and begger of getting the eye fixed: GhillieBacca

Not ready for release!

Well, everything is alright except the eyes, which have a problem of being untextured:

Please tell me how to fix the eye so it can be released!

Woah, awesome! I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to fix the eyes. I’d take this to the model/skin pimpage thread, they might know. Anyways, two questions; do they replace all CT models? And, does it say ULTOR across their chests? The screenshots don’t show that, if it’s there.

oh no it only says ultor on the sides and back and I have no idea how he screwed up the eye texture

To answer Ekalektik_1 questions:
Yes they replace the whole CT team as seen on this image, you can guess which they replace by their order:

And what Minimole said is the answer of your second question

I will take this to Model/Skin Pimpage later

Will this be hexed for Gmod?

Their roots come from here:

So yeah, they are pretty much hexed

Hey can you give me a link to the original K&L textures?

I´m gonna buy gmod tonight, and the wait just kills me, so please?

God that metrocop guy pisses me off I never said he could re upload my stuff

Wait, he never asked for your permission?

Oh god, what I have done.

It was the only free SWAT model of Kane and Lynch on the internet (I don´t have Gmod yet, tonight I will possibly buy it)